Play Nice to Achieve Information Governance – Really?

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Play Nice to Achieve Information Governance – Really?

I just read an article, Finding Common Ground with Information Governance on the need to essentially get compliance, IT, and business on the same wavelength. I totally agree, in theory with the article, but the author didn’t provide any practical steps to achieve this – if there are any. The assertion is, if these three can all share the same objectives, then the organization is poised to achieve information governance.

I would agree that it would certainly help if everyone got along, so to speak, but information governance is not on everyone’s agenda, regardless of how much it is being ‘pushed’ to us by media, analysts, and consultants. If we look at the individual roles, pretty much everyone has their plates full with projects, or simply running the business (think revenues). If you cannot gain a consensus then you are faced with the ‘naysayers’ who really don’t want another strategic change, and along with it, the continual oversight that is required.

As far as I am concerned, information governance, as a strategic and tactical plan actually does need participation of all of the above, plus business process owners, and subject matter experts. Like the author, I have no practical ideas on how to achieve the end result.

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