Part 1: Classification Versus Categorization?

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Part 1: Classification Versus Categorization?

I have been spending some time immersed in Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), concentrating on labels. I’m still not at the point where it’s more than I ever want to know but am getting close.

I started to think about the nomenclature being used. We have always used the term ‘auto-classification’ or just ‘classification’ in our marketing efforts at Concept Searching. At first glance, one would think that MIP classification and our classification were delivering the same functionality and technology. Far from it. Interestingly, just last week I asked our consultant guru what the correct naming convention should be for our auto-classification software. He did hem and haw a bit, and finally said ‘auto-categorization.’ I’m like, why didn’t you tell someone that 13 years ago?

Now I’m in a pickle. It’s too late to request that Microsoft stops using the term classification. It would be a herculean effort for the marketing team to change the word classification and its derivatives everywhere it exists. And it would be ridiculous to put a disclaimer everywhere and explain that our classification was really categorization. What do I do? Perhaps I just slowly introduce the term ‘categorization’ until everyone gets the drift that it is not classification, or rather it is classification but not as they probably think.

By how much do we differ? Quite a bit. A little background for you. Microsoft purchased a company called Secure Islands last year. The company developed and sold data classification technology. This transitioned to labels. A bit off target, Microsoft also acquired Silicon Valley company Adallom, forming a deal focused on enhancing Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Analytics service. Seems Microsoft is seriously aiming for the data discovery and classification market.

These tantalizing tidbits have done me in, and this blog keeps growing. So check out Part 2: Classification Versus Categorization? and I’ll see if I can get to the nitty gritty of the technologies. You say potato, I say potahto.

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