Ok Time's Up – You Spent More than 4 Minutes Searching

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Ok Time's Up – You Spent More than 4 Minutes Searching

A little known statistic that I happened to run across from an IDC paper is that knowledge workers expect to find the information they are seeking within 4 minutes. The accompanying statistics indicated that if a knowledge worker could not find the information they:

  • Recreated it
  • Used older content assets
  • Interrupted a co-worker
  • Started without the information
  • Didn’t start

All very unproductive and organizationally costly options. Hate to admit it, but I can honestly say that at different times, I have used all those options.

Add these numbers up to find out the cost guesstimate of poor search.

  • IT Manager Fortune 500 company communications firm estimates that by improving search and retrieval systems for just the firm’s 4000 engineers the investment would recover within a month and would contribute $2 million monthly productivity gain thereafter
  • Google ROI of enterprise search determined that workers spend average of 9.5 a week on search and 8.3 hours a week gathering information for documents
  • IDC estimates a 16% savings in time spent searching with an effective search solution

Have you ever had to do an analysis for the ROI for enterprise search? If so, what factors did you use to calculate it? Did you achieve what you expected?

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