Oil and Gas Leader Saves Millions Using Content Analytics

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Oil and Gas Leader Saves Millions Using Content Analytics

This multi-national oil and gas company needed to improve decision making by identifying accurate, relevant, and related content from a large corpus of highly technical and specialized information.

The organization required more than traditional search, which assumes that end users know what they are looking for, or must enter the ‘right’ combination of words, in the ‘right’ order, to get the ‘right’ result. This is an issue when successfully creating a data set for text analytics, as unstructured content tends to be resistant to automated analysis. Concept Searching’s unique technologies automatically solve this problem, by the generation of multi-term semantic metadata.

The implementation of conceptClassifier for SharePoint provided the underlying semantic and geotagging framework to improve search. Users were able to use the core technologies to extract specific, pertinent information from a vast number of documents, linking 52 taxonomies, to achieve significantly enhanced analysis and decision making.

The company saved millions of dollars through identification and elimination of drilling sites. And it aggregated information from several repositories, to provide an integrated search capability across claims and financial spend data, delivering consolidated geographic-based reports.

Read the client case study here.

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