Office 365 and the Records Management Gap

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Office 365 and the Records Management Gap

A recent AIIM study found that 31% of senior management admitted their inferior electronic records keeping is causing problems with regulators and auditors, while 14% said they were incurring fines or bad publicity due to bad handling of information.

Although Office 365 is a great product, it is not a recommended platform for records management. But what happens to records when you are using Office 365? Records may never be declared, archived, or deleted. Some, if not many end users, may only be using Office 365. Are your end users fully trained to consistently and accurately process a record? Most are not.

Office 365 doesn’t provide the safety net to make sure your records are identified and processed correctly, in real-time, as records or created. Although as a vendor, we address this, but I am curious if this is an issue in evaluating Office 365 and if so, how will you address? Would this keep you from going to Office 365?

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