Office 365 and Automatic Updates – A Blessing or Curse?

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Office 365 and Automatic Updates – A Blessing or Curse?

I have a very old laptop but my wonderful boss has a new one on the way! We also use Office 365. During the slow and painful demise of my laptop I can no longer determine if the problem is originating from my laptop or from Microsoft. Strange things are beginning to happen. And it typically has to do with any Microsoft application. I don’t know which one is the real culprit anymore.

Microsoft has made much of the continual automatic updates as a blessing. But how many of you have experienced an update on your pc (or server) that had very unintended consequences, planned or unplanned? For those working on projects how do you know what automatic updates during the project will occur that could temporarily derail the project? Some cloud vendors are now notifying customers of changes before they are applied. That sort of defeats the purpose.

I know you can call me crazy, but I swear they are making changes, figuring out they don’t work and rolling them back. But then again, it could be my old pal my laptop.

Would this prevent you from going to Office 365 or actually any application that has automatic updates? For me, it is a blessing and a curse, as I am not technical so I would not know what update should be applied or not. I do sometimes worry though about what is happening unbeknownst to me. I represent one little device – what if you were dealing with thousands?

Anyway, a blessing or a curse?

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