Now, where did I put that?

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Now, where did I put that?

It’s estimated that an end user will spend 2.5 hours per day trying to find information needed to do their job. Adding it up not only represents lost productivity but a very concrete cost to the organization. Companies are continually ‘searching for search’. Although bells and whistles are nice and even useful the bottom line is the inability to tag content consistently and accurately. As a result, all the bells and whistles in the world will not improve search results. According to Tom Eid, Research Vice President at Gartner, “by itself the search function has limited value. The real value of search and information access technologies is in the ongoing efforts needed to establish effective taxonomies, to index and classify content of all kinds, in order to provide meaningful results.”

Almost all of our clients begin using our technologies to improve search regardless of their search engine. Traditional search products force the end user to ask the right question, using the right combination of keywords, and repeating that iteration until the content is found. Information can’t be used because it can’t be found, information that can’t be found has no value, and information that is hard to find is rarely used. The second building block in our Smart Content Framework™ is Insight. Regardless of the enterprise search solution the delivery of meaningful results depends on the ability to effectively index and classify content and to develop taxonomies to better manage the content. The search engine itself provides the features, functions, and interface while the classification structure delivers relevant results. Transforming content into knowledge assets can lead to better decision making and business agility, but only works when the content can be found.

I recently read an article that stated that most ‘C-level’ executives don’t want to change the search engine because they are afraid they will get too many irrelevant results. Another article indicated that a relatively large amount of companies will change the search engine 2-3 times. We think it isn’t the search engine, it is the lack of a taxonomy that ultimately enhances search and provides Insight into content.

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