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Spotlight on conceptClassifier Connectors

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conceptClassifier Connectors provide the only secure, high-performance Microsoft search connector framework that is prebuilt, future-proof, non-invasive, and non-proprietary, to securely crawl structured and unstructured content from any content source, and place in a single search index. This makes business-critical information searchable, and enables outcomes to be predicted, visualized, and analyzed, delivering unprecedented and unified access to all content. Read more

Industry Watch – Manufacturing

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Global complexities, security, compliance, protecting intellectual property, and information transparency are all becoming boardroom issues for the manufacturing industry. Processes have become more intricate, and success is driven by the ability to access accurate and up-to-date information at the time of need, to increase performance and minimize risk. Improving productivity and customer satisfaction, while reducing costs, can be achieved by using the right technology. Read more

Solution Focus – Enterprise-wide, Secure Search

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Search has seen resurgence in the news. Whether it’s AI, NLP, or discussing semantics, the bottom line still hasn’t changed. When you search, you want all relevant information delivered immediately, regardless of where your content resides, or whether it’s unstructured, semi-structured, or unstructured data. Avoid missing information, reworking content, and potential errors, by finding what you are looking for, the first time, every time. Read more

Client Use Case – Delphi Automotive

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Our enterprise-wide, secure engineering search solution enabled leading global supplier of automotive parts, Delphi Automotive, to index over 20 million documents as part of its migration to the Office 365 dedicated vNext platform, live just two weeks after availability of Microsoft cloud hybrid search. Access to over 30 disparate content sources was provided, spanning both structured and unstructured information, via one hybrid search interface. This ground-breaking solution, leveraging the conceptClassifier platform and conceptClassifier for SharePoint Online, was deployed to over 40,000 users, on time and on budget. Read more

CTO Comment

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“We regularly hear concerns from the manufacturing sector that reducing risk in on-premises systems is difficult, if not impossible – particularly with the most significant technology changes now occurring in the cloud,” comments Michael Paye, our CTO. “Our latest platform improvements reinforce our assistance for clients working both on-premises and in the cloud, supporting a central metadata store to manage risk wherever their data resides.” Clients can feel confident that their business decisions have a solid grounding, with auto-classification reducing costs, and eliminating noncompliance, human error, and unproductive time.

Smart Content Discussions

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