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Spotlight on conceptClassifier for Exchange

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Do you know what’s in your emails and their attachments, both incoming and outgoing? If you are similar to many organizations, then you probably don’t. They often contain sensitive and confidential information, which should be accessed by only a few people. Do your eDiscovery and FOIA teams trust that the content they find is really what they are searching for? Are undeclared records or privacy vulnerabilities contained in your emails or attachments? The most frequent cyberattacks are made through email.

It isn’t about Big Brother watching you. Email filtering is about reducing risk, increasing information security, minimizing noncompliance, ensuring information governance, and averting cybercrime. It can also improve project management and collaboration, by providing the most up-to-date and accurate information. Our conceptClassifier for Exchange application is rapidly deployed, easy-to-use, scalable, requires no programming knowledge, and can be used by subject-matter experts to define rules. Read more

Industry Watch – Public Sector

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In the defense and intelligence sector, the ability to harness the power and leverage the value of unstructured content has become vital for modernization and information transparency. Systematically capturing, organizing, and retrieving content assets is essential. This sector faces the challenges of information transformation, with operational silos becoming shared repositories, budgetary constraints, and the impending loss of baby boomers. Clients in this space share the same fundamental requirement – improved utilization of enterprise information. Read and watch

Defense contractors have the challenge of comprehensive supply chains that need to be managed, for ITAR compliance, security, records, and project management. Information has to be retrieved quickly, be trustworthy, and be available when it is needed. Automatic declaration of documents of record, protection of sensitive and confidential information, and secure collaboration are just a few of the areas the conceptClassifier platform addresses. Read more

Higher education has not stood still. The brick and mortar structures of yesteryear are vanishing, and in their place technology must contain more capabilities. Some school districts have taken the step outside the box, to teach real-world problem solving, building non-cognitive and social-emotional skills. In today’s environment, support for web, mobile, social channels, collaboration, and communities of interest is expected. Read more

Over 236 million people serve as federal civilian employees across all branches of the government. They share the goals of government agencies, with modernization, information transparency, and security their priorities. New initiatives, such as big data, are present, and also the age-old problem of interoperability between antiquated systems. Never has the ability to securely manage and leverage unstructured content on a massive scale been so mission-critical. Read more

All state and local organizations share similar requirements, such as improving search, collaboration, records management, and data privacy. There is an increasing need to provide information transparency to citizens and other stakeholders – automating processes via portals, and managing unstructured and semi-structured content. This is no easy task. But for many years, Concept Searching has been successfully addressing state and local challenges. Using the conceptClassifier platform, existing infrastructure can be leveraged, and the same technology deployed to address a multitude of issues. Read more

Solution Focus – Market Research

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For most agencies, market research is a frustrating activity. Using traditional search processes and accessing multiple repositories is time consuming and error prone, with unwanted repercussions. Agency expertise becomes overshadowed by inadequate technologies and a lack of time, resulting in poor quality results, reduced productivity, increased risk, and noncompliance. Costs escalate and poor decision making becomes the norm. Concept Searching technologies resolve these issues. See how in this one minute video.

Using Concept Searching’s unique compound term processing, manual tagging of documents is eliminated, and rich, multi-term metadata automatically generated and auto-classified to taxonomies. Goldschmitt and Associates, a Concept Searching partner, uses its federal agency expertise to deliver solutions that meet the challenges of market research, and ensure compliance. Read and watch

Client Use Case – NASA Safety Center

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NASA Safety Center (NSC) needed to improve collaboration and information sharing for 8,000 professionals, to be implemented in a secure and controlled environment. Recognized as a leader in the knowledge management field, Triune Group, a Concept Searching partner, embedded Concept Searching’s intelligent search component, conceptSearch, into its collaboration platform. The solution was a scalable, robust, secure collaboration tool, to identify relevant knowledge assets and people at a granular level, through powerful, advanced search capabilities. Read more

  • Client Use Case –Waikato Institute of Technology

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    Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), one of New Zealand’s largest institutes of technology, needed an effective way to organize information stored on its intranets, to make it accessible to internal and external users, while improving the quality of search results and successfully migrating content to the cloud. It selected Concept Searching to deploy one set of technologies to address all these challenges. conceptClassifier for SharePoint was used to drive intelligent migration, to apply and automate policies, enable compliance, and significantly improve search and collaboration. Read more

  • CTO Comment

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    “We regularly hear concerns from the public sector that reducing risk in on-premises systems is difficult, if not impossible – particularly with the most significant technology changes now occurring in the cloud,” comments Michael Paye, our CTO. “Our latest platform improvements reinforce our assistance for clients working both on-premises and in the cloud, supporting a central metadata store to manage risk wherever their data resides.”

    Clients can feel confident that their business decisions have a solid grounding, with auto-classification reducing costs, and eliminating noncompliance, human error, and unproductive time.

    Smart Content Discussions

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