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Product Update

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We are delighted to announce Release 5.4.5 of our conceptClassifier platform. Highlights include Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) support, new features to Natural Language Processing (NLP), and redaction capabilities. We focus on addressing the needs of our clients, proactively adding functionality based on their future requirements. Our goal is to help clients see and understand their content, so they can capitalize on it to achieve their business objectives.

CMIS introduces the ability to crawl and classify content stored in any content management or document management system. Leveraging these content assets increases business agility, removes the access barriers to isolated content silos, and reduces the cost of application development. Using NLP, the conceptClassifier platform will generically identify people, locations, and company names within document text. Redaction capabilities have been incorporated into the conceptTaxonomyWorkflow component, enabling automated removal of sensitive content, identified by entity extraction, regular expressions, and custom entities specific to business needs.

  • New Clients

    icon figures 150x150 - Newsletter - Focus on GDPRWe welcome new clients, in the energy and healthcare sectors. This multi-national oil and gas company needed to improve decision making, so is implementing conceptClassifier for SharePoint to provide the underlying semantic and geotagging framework to improve search, using our unique technologies to generate multi-term semantic metadata. Read more

    This non-profit healthcare organization, with facilities within the Southern and Midwestern regions of the US, is deploying the conceptClassifier platform as part of its Office 365 rollout. The solution will achieve consistent metadata enterprise wide, to improve search, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Read more

  • New Partnership

    hands icon 150x150 - Newsletter - Focus on GDPRWe are pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Netwrix, provider of a visibility platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation, to significantly enhance secure data classification and discovery capabilities. This collaboration will deliver an advanced security solution with increased insight into sensitive data and improved risk mitigation. Read more

  • Spotlight on Taxonomy Management

    icon spotlight 150x150 - Newsletter - Focus on GDPRNot all technologies provide a silver bullet, but our conceptTaxonomyManager comes pretty close. With the capability to automatically group unstructured content, based on an understanding of the concepts and ideas that share mutual attributes while separating dissimilar concepts, unstructured data is auto-classified to one or more nodes in one or more taxonomies.

    This approach is instrumental in delivering relevant information via the taxonomy structure. Using taxonomies, unstructured content can be leveraged to improve any application that uses metadata. This flexibility extends to records management, information security, intelligent migration, information retrieval, text analytics, and compliance. Find out more by watching our taxonomy management and auto-classification Demo On Demand.

  • Industry Watch – Financial Services

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    Over the past few years, the financial services industry has experienced unprecedented changes, increased regulatory guidelines, disruptive technologies, and more stringent compliance requirements. Financial services organizations must now vigilantly guard against cybercriminals. The onus on companies to protect their client information has never been greater.

    Our solutions can replace a reactive approach with a proactive one, to manage and use content to increase business agility. Trusted on-demand information improves decision making, real-time protection of privacy and confidential information identified from within content eliminates data exposures and breaches, and records are tagged and processed without human intervention. Need we say more?

    Take a look at our financial services solutions, and see if you face the same challenges our clients have addressed by reading our financial services case studies.

    Solution Focus – GDPR

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    Are the repercussions of noncompliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) fact or fiction? Guess we won’t know for a few months. But the clock is ticking. If your organization is similar to most, it’s a bigger challenge than you think. We have an optional component for our conceptClassifier platform, called conceptTaxonomyWorkflow, which can solve your noncompliance problems.

    It identifies all privacy or confidential vulnerabilities from within content, from diverse repositories. You can process instances of noncompliance any way you like. The indexing takes place in real time, as content is created or ingested. And you can also track explicit consent forms, to keep the auditors happy.

    Read more about our GDPR solution, and register for our Enough Talk – Solving GDPR Problems Through Metadata-Driven Compliance webinar, on March 14.

    Client Case Study – Asset Management Company

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    This client, an investment bank and full-service global investment firm, needed to improve information transparency and retrieval, finding not only accurate but relevant information, on demand. And it wanted to leverage its SharePoint investment, but without the resources needed to create term sets in order to improve search results.

    Using conceptClassifier for SharePoint it was able to develop a metadata model, using out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities. The solution consistently applied semantic metadata to content, and auto-classified it to the Term Store metadata model. This resolved the challenge of applying metadata to thousands of documents, and the dependency on the end user community to correctly tag content and then create term sets.

    The organization was able to reduce the quantity of irrelevant search results, improving accuracy and relevance, to support a wide range of stakeholders. End user tagging was eliminated and no end user training was required, as the search is intuitive. In addition to the ability to balance recall and precision, the solution delivered content in context – traditionally a significant problem in search and a high-priority for this firm. Read more financial services case studies here.

    CTO Comment

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    “Protection of client information in the financial services sector has never before generated such attention, with the Equifax debacle only adding fuel to the fire. Certainty of compliance tends to end up as an assumption instead of a known fact,” said Michael Paye, our CTO. “None of us know what will happen once GDPR takes effect. Our solutions have been identifying and protecting privacy data for years, doing so in real time and in highly customizable ways in order to meet unique organizational requirements. We can provide peace of mind that unknown personal and confidential data has been identified and is protected.”

    Smart Content Discussions

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    Stay in touch, through our blogs. We welcome comments on our take on the news about all things IT. Some of our upcoming blogs will be focusing on the challenges of the forthcoming GDPR. Tell us what you think. Are you prepared? Do you care?


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    Check out all the upcoming webinars in our Metadata-Driven World 2018 Series.

    Access all our webinar recordings and presentation slides at any time, from our website, in the Recorded Webinars area, via the Resources tab.


    icon events 150x150 - Newsletter - Focus on GDPRJoin our team as we sponsor SharePoint Fest DC, March 26-30. Robert Piddocke, our VP of Business and Channel Development, presents Why You Need Intelligent Metadata and Auto-classification in Records Management on Friday, March 30. And SharePoint Fest is offering free Expo passes for Thursday afternoon to SharePoint User Group members. Register here

    Robert Piddocke also speaks at SharePoint Saturday Vancouver, April 14, on Going Meta – How to Use Metadata in SharePoint and Office 365. Transcend typical SharePoint information architecture, and understand how to realize the potential of intelligent content in context. Register here

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