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Spotlight on the conceptClassifier Platform

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The conceptClassifier platform is at the heart of our technologies. The platform delivers automatic intelligent metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management. The core technology is based on compound term processing. Concept Searching is the only classification vendor with technology that statistically calculates the value of word strings that form a concept and, in turn, generates multi-term metadata. This technology overcomes the limitations that have plagued information retrieval and data classification vendors that still rely on overused and time-worn metadata capture techniques. These depend upon keywords, proximity or language packs, unable to produce the essence or meaning from an organization’s unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data, without costly customization to achieve accuracy.

The conceptClassifier platform is an enterprise framework, and can be used to improve any application that requires the use of metadata. If you are struggling with compliance and governance or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we’ve got you covered. You can clean up your file shares using our content optimization solution, enhance eDiscovery, automatically declare documents of record, and achieve intelligent migration. Wait, there’s more. Secure collaboration, concept-based searching, and text analytics are all within reach.

Read more about the conceptClassifier platform and watch the Demo on Demand.

Industry Watch – Healthcare

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One of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry is the inability to easily access unstructured content. What a shame the wealth of data that could provide value can’t always be used. Traditional healthcare software vendors are application focused and for decades have offered solutions that are database-driven not content-driven. Health Story Project estimates that some 1.2 billion clinical documents are produced in the US each year, and about 60 percent of these contain valuable patient care information ‘trapped’ in an unstructured format. This unstructured data, with its clinical richness, is also excluded from any analytics, so organizations are prevented from accessing credible, comprehensive, and actionable information, which could be used to improve patient care.

With the conceptClassifier platform, all applications that healthcare professionals are authorized to use, including those using unstructured content, can be made available from a single interface. Search is dramatically improved, by natural language processing and automatic extraction of concepts, subjects, and related information. Similar and related content will be identified, even if the words in the search criteria are not found. Vocabulary normalization occurs, generating similar terms, such as the word ‘stroke’ being associated with the concepts of cerebrovascular accident, cerebral occlusion, cerebral infarction, and apoplexy. Improved productivity, decision making, and insight can all be achieved. Compliance can be enforced, as well as the protection of privacy and sensitive information. The conceptClassifier platform can provide significant value to healthcare.

You may be interested in reading the Insight Into Security Issues in Healthcare article we have just published.

Solution Focus – Data Discovery and Classification

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Organizations are drowning in data. Very few are proactively managing it. Data can also be toxic. If your organization hasn’t been the victim of a data breach, it is only a matter of time. Brand damage, loss of revenues, remediation, and legal ramifications are just the tip of the iceberg. The aftermath of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has left almost half of organizations unprepared, as the world watches and waits for the fallout.

Metadata is today’s currency. Dependence on the end user or the system for metadata generation is no longer a viable option and carries with it significant enterprise risk. Formal, manually created, and enforced rules may still leave gaps in policies due to the human factor. Organizations not using or evaluating data discovery and classification technologies will eventually be unable to sustain competitive advantage, and leave themselves vulnerable to a whole host of ‘what-if’ scenarios, stemming from data breaches or noncompliance.

For effective data discovery and classification, deep visibility into the context of content needs to be a primary objective, and is key to addressing compliance and security concerns. The exponential growth of the information economy also means that an increasing amount of personal or sensitive data is collected, used, analyzed, exchanged, and retained. Coinciding with the accumulation of personal information is an increase in data breaches, incorrect or lost data records, and incidents of data misuse.

Data discovery and classification is the foundation of successful asset protection. The path to digital transformation, coupled with the ability to contextualize content, categorize it, remediate, and cleanse it, positions organizations to achieve security, employing the metadata repository to improve any application that requires the use of metadata. The classification will deliver great value, simply from generating accurate and meaningful metadata tags.

Client Use Cases – Data Discovery and Classification

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Concept Searching is a go-to partner for data discovery and classification. We have just been recognized by a leading research firm, which provides advice on the existing and potential impact of technologies, as one of eleven providers highly qualified to deliver file analytics solutions.

Security is becoming an increasingly important issue in this area. According to a survey by Vanson Bourne, IT and security leaders have to address more frequent attacks from cybercriminals. It found that 44 percent of organizations suffered at least one data breach in the last 12 months, with an average of almost 30 data breaches per organization. What is also troubling is the IT cost – $1 million per breach. That does not include fines, lost revenue, or brand damage. Organizations need to move to technologies and security solutions that go beyond traditional offerings, and must be proactive in their data management and gain an understanding of assets requiring protection at a contextual level. Without accurate discovery and classification based on context within content, security is out of reach.

Organizations are refocusing on data discovery and classification as a key component in their security infrastructure. Within the past two months, Concept Searching secured 29 new clients needing to address security challenges. These organizations represent diverse industries, including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and state and local government agencies. Despite the sector differences, they all share a common requirement – to discover, protect, and secure privacy and sensitive information, and identify compliance infractions, to enforce information governance. The data discovery and classification and file analytics tools provided through the conceptClassifier platform deliver the depth of functionality needed by enterprises – giving visibility of all data assets, and easy integration with security, governance, and data loss prevention solutions.

CTO Comment

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“Data discovery and classification is what we do, and we do it exceptionally well. Even when used out of the box, our solutions have over 80 rules for security and compliance. Where we differ from the typical vendor is enabling you to create your own expressions using phrases or terms that are unique to your corpus of content,” said Michael Paye, our CTO. “Intellectual property, trade secrets, and even simple payroll spreadsheets all need to be protected. If you can’t find potential exposures, then you are vulnerable. The ability to eliminate tagging, and retrieve phrases, concepts, topics, and subjects provides complete visibility into content repositories, regardless of where they are located.”

Product Update

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This month we were delighted to announce Release 5.4.6 of our conceptClassifier platform. Highlights include new and improved interfaces in the conceptTaxonomyManager and conceptTaxonomyWorkflow components, as well as advanced reporting features.

We also reported record revenue growth and client acquisition in the file analytics market, for the quarter ending June 30. New clients and increased revenues can be attributed to our unique text analytics and mining technology as organizations continue to invest to improve their security posture. In addition, Concept Searching was evaluated as a strong performer in the latest file analytics report by a leading independent research firm.

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    We’re taking a break from our monthly webinars over the summer, but register now for our Getting Lost in Semantics – Selecting the Right Search Engine webinar, on September 12. Join us as we take the mystery and confusion out of search. Discover which technologies work, which don’t, and why. Learn now to give your end users information at their fingertips, at the right time, in the right way. And understand how to select the right technology, so you can count on the right results, all the time.

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    Join our team as we sponsor SharePoint Fest Seattle, August 20-24. Robert Piddocke, our VP of Business and Channel Development, discusses Using Metadata and Classification in Records Management, on Wednesday, August 22. Get details and your 15% discount code.

    We will be at Microsoft Ignite again this year, September 24-28, in Orlando, Florida, with news on our latest technology developments, and demonstrations on how metadata, auto-classification, and taxonomies can help your business. Find details here, and we hope to see you there.

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