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Spotlight on conceptClassifier for SharePoint Online

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Hesitancy in moving to the cloud is increasing. Organizations are finding that migrating data and replacing on-premises applications with cloud-based aren’t as easy as they thought, nor are the results quite what was expected. Regardless of whether you have an on-premises SharePoint installation or are newly implementing SharePoint in the cloud, conceptClassifier for SharePoint Online runs natively in a cloud environment and integrates with your SharePoint on-premises environment.

The core technology, compound term processing, provides the glue that enables a holistic approach to data management, and is the linking mechanism between the on-premises and online environments. At the most basic level, one search interface links multiple repositories or applications, irrespective of location. At a more sophisticated level, it provides simultaneous, real-time updating of SharePoint Online, the on-premises Term Store, and conceptTaxonomyManager.

The value of concept-based metadata should not be underestimated. Effective metadata generation, classification, and taxonomy tools enable SharePoint organizations to face their most pressing challenges head-on – whether on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Partnership Success and Expansion

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Our strategic partnership with Netwrix, to significantly enhance secure data classification and discovery capabilities, has now seen 67 new clients deploy the conceptClassifier platform to identify, classify, and report on sensitive information vulnerabilities within their enterprises.

Due to this early success, the partnership agreement has been expanded to include not only identification, classification, and reporting on security vulnerabilities but also now automatic redaction and remediation capabilities, across multiple platforms and content sources.

Ilia Sotnikov, Vice President of Product Management at Netwrix, commented, “Data discovery and classification is hard to do well in any industry. In the IT security industry, it is a critical component. We wanted the best possible partner to augment Netwrix Auditor with this capability. That partner was Concept Searching – providing unique technology to successfully identify, classify, and secure sensitive data. Adding the capabilities to automatically redact and remediate was a natural extension of our agreement.”

This partnership combines Concept Searching’s expertise in enterprise grade auto-classification for data discovery and classification with Netwrix’s experience in security and compliance audits, detection, and reporting on intruder and insider threats in hybrid and cloud environments.

Industry Watch – Public Sector

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The public sector creates and retains a broad range of data, including operational, demographic, economic, financial, and historical content. It must manage its organizations in the same way as those in the private sector, but has more demands to expedite transactions and information dissemination to staff, customers, citizens, and stakeholders.

The challenges faced by the public sector are also similar to those in the private sector. With siloed repositories and applications, the move to the cloud for these entities poses problems that must be overcome. A lack of accurate and meaningful metadata, noncompliance, and haphazard information governance plague many public sector organizations. This prevents both automation and execution of policy, resulting in the risk of sanctions, remediation, and fines.

For the public sector, conceptClassifier for SharePoint Online is the foundation for the future. This framework is designed for subject-matter experts, enabling the deployment of taxonomies in weeks, not months or years. Out-of-the-box, classification can index one or more repositories, providing multi-word terms to the taxonomy, and prompting administrators through the identification of phrases that the organization may not have known existed. Multiple, real-time taxonomy enhancement options eliminate repetitious tasks required by traditional tools, such as writing a rule for each term in the taxonomy, testing, and repeating.

A key area of concern to both sectors is security. Not only does a variety of information need to be protected, but also security policies must be stringent and flexible enough to change as new government privacy initiatives become law. Vigilance and flexibility can be a balancing act hard to achieve, and government has layers of security designations, for both staff and data. Secure in internal and external collaboration, must be fluid, able to change as needed.

The public sector can be categorized by a comprehensive supply chain that has to be managed for compliance, security, records, and often project management. By significantly improving search, content lifecycle management, collaboration, and protection of privacy and sensitive information, Concept Searching technologies save money and valuable human resources.

Our contract vehicle partners provide government entities with a primary source of IT products, services, and solutions. The vehicles give purchasing officers the advantages of convenience, flexibility, and speed.

Solution Focus – Auto-classification and the Cloud

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Classification is the foundation of successful asset protection. Digital transformation coupled with the ability to contextualize content, then categorize, remediate, and cleanse it, positions organizations to achieve best-of-breed security initiatives. The subsequent metadata repository created then improves any application that requires the use of metadata. The classification will deliver enormous value, simply from generating meaningful metadata and eliminating end user tagging.

We provide a comprehensive automated classification solution that harnesses multi-term metadata and creates intelligent content in context based upon classification decisions, to improve and automate decision processes. The more relevant the metadata, the more valuable the content becomes, as does the accuracy of search results. Identifying intelligent content in context improves applications at the tactical level, such as role-based information access, forensic analysis, and ITAR compliance.

With increasing staff mobility, the challenge is to make knowledge sharing and distribution easy and transparent, creating a holistic view of knowledge assets regardless of where information is stored or staff are located. Enterprises still suffer from silos of redundant client, prospect, and historical data located in a variety of applications and repositories. This inability to find knowledge assets for reuse and accurate decision making can result in client and revenue loss.

Most organizations seek to have a digital workplace. Achieving this requires appropriate tools to support users, across geographical and technological boundaries. Information must be trusted, accurate, secured, and transformed into knowledge assets that are immediately accessible, to achieve the benefits the digital workplace promises. Auto-classification not only organizes content but also provides an environment where information governance and compliance policies and processes can be implemented enterprise wide. With automatic multi-term metadata generation and powerful taxonomy tools, the positive impact on business is quickly realized.

CTO Comment

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“Classification has always been a core component of our technology. With the explosive growth of data discovery and classification, more vendors are entering the fray. The issue of course is that many offerings are in the form of bolt-on technology – they have not been designed as true classification products and are not natively integrated. Almost all are based on capturing single-term metadata, which may be helpful but results in organizational risk when identifying sensitive information. Consider our technologies – the ability to generate multi-term metadata and then classify it against an organizational taxonomy removes risk,” said Michael Paye, our CTO. “The key is identifying conceptual meaning from within content and capturing that insight through classification.”

Smart Content Discussions

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Stay in touch, through our blogs. We welcome comments on our take on the news about all things IT. With summer now coming to an end, our technology views will fill the autumn months. Keep reading and tell us what you think.


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We wrap up our 2018 webinar series with Why You Need Metadata-Driven Records Management, on October 17. New forms of records such as social must now be preserved, eDiscovery is getting out of control, and moving records to the cloud challenge content lifecycle management. Register to discover how you can capture and use metadata to improve your records management initiatives.

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