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Spotlight on Semantic Metadata Generation

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The word semantics is rapidly becoming the differentiator in the vocabulary of many vendors, and is often considered a must-have when purchasing enterprise search solutions. Choosing the right metadata management software can improve any application that uses metadata, and achieve significant benefits in the management and processing of unstructured, semi-structured, and even structured data. Not all vendors are created equal, and search is only one of many applications that can be improved through the automatic generation of accurate and consistent multi-term, conceptual metadata.

We don’t offer irrelevant bells and whistles, and we don’t only improve search. What we offer is quite different. We call our core technology compound term processing. Our premise is that if we can fix your metadata problem, then search as a by-product will be significantly improved. Developed in 2002, the technology remains unique in the industry and unmatched in competitive comparisons. We’ve successfully transformed the way organizations do business, solving bottlenecks and problems faced in search, data protection, records management, intelligent migration, eDiscovery and litigation support, GDPR, and content optimization. Looking to the future? Secure collaboration, developing an enterprise metadata repository, text analytics, research, and knowledge management can now be a reality. No need to wait. Results can be pretty astonishing.

Industry Watch – Legal

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The legal industry is facing disruption, and operational effectiveness is a prerequisite. The amount of content, therefore metadata, within law firms and departments is staggering. Manually searching or governing these data sets is no longer possible. To remain efficient, productive, and competitive, the law firms of today must not only survive but thrive. With multi-generation workforces and technologically challenged attorneys, knowledge must be available and accessible for all. The challenge is to seamlessly integrate technology into the framework of these organizations, to reap significant benefits. Concept Searching technologies make it possible to find the connected needles in a haystack, improving accuracy and productivity, and reducing organizational risk. Through compound term processing and auto-classification, identification of multi-term concepts, topics, subjects, and relationships becomes automated. The ability to find relationships and unused content of value can speed litigation and open the doors to innovation and collaboration. Read more

Solution Focus – Content Optimization

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Do you know what’s in your corpus of content? Does it present opportunity or risk? Sorting through possibly millions of documents is unfeasible, costly, and too error-prone for manual cleanup. Archiving or removing content of no value can only be achieved through an understanding of the concepts within the documents. This approach enables document deduplication, and identifies privacy and confidential information exposures, undeclared records, noncompliance issues, dark data, and redundant content that can be used against you. Unmanaged content can be costly. Read more

Client Use Case – Technology Benefits Law Firm

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This law firm recognized the importance of technology and how it could deliver tangible value to its fee earning and professional service teams. The solution resulted in the submission of knowledge content in one step, rather than in a multi-step process used previously. Over 80 percent of the knowledge profiling process now happens automatically. Fulfilling the firm’s requirement for flexible reporting provides the teams with an accurate and detailed view of hot topics and content gaps. As is the case in any organization, specific content must also be secured. This was accomplished by establishing automated workflows around secure content, ensuring a robust redaction process, and enabling relevant knowledge content to be identified accurately and isolated immediately, should barriers be imposed retrospectively. Read more legal use cases here

CTO Comment

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“The benefits that can be gained by extracting knowledge from within content repositories are many and varied, and the majority of our clients use our technology to solve one or more business challenges,” said Michael Paye, our CTO. “Legal clients have opened new practices, using knowledge and expertise that have been made accessible. Whether or not you are in the legal industry, the ability to find and analyze unknown value in your content is a win-win.”

Smart Content Discussions

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Stay in touch, through our blogs. We welcome comments on our take on the news about all things IT. Early this year, we focus on the importance of taxonomies and metadata in organizing and managing your content. Tell us what you think.


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