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Spotlight on conceptTaxonomyManager

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So you think taxonomies are old technology, need highly trained staff, take months to implement, and even more time to manage? Think again. How would you like to have a tool that generates extremely accurate semantic metadata, auto-classifies it, and populates your taxonomy structure with multi-term, conceptual metadata? Best of all, conceptTaxonomyManager can be managed by subject-matter experts, and is chock-full of unique features:

  • Rule-based engine that eliminates the need for reiterative training sets and specialized human resources, enabling highly interactive, real-time management by subject-matter experts
  • Automatic taxonomy node clue suggestion that suggests terms you may never have thought of
  • Dynamic screen updating to immediately see the impact of changes in the taxonomy, so you can ensure your changes are delivering the right results
  • Document movement feedback to show cause and effect of changes without re-indexing, eliminating wasted time and classification errors

Find out how easy to use this technology is, and see for yourself how to manage your business content without the pain typically associated with taxonomies, in our first 2018 webinar Using Metadata-Driven Taxonomies to Solve Business Problems, on January 17. Read more and register

Industry Watch – Energy and Utilities

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The need to improve organizational performance and minimize risk in order to succeed in the energy sector has never been more important. Improved utilization of enterprise information, both upstream and downstream, is now a necessity. Accurate and trusted information must be accessed on demand, distributed globally, and with a common vocabulary, to systems, employees, suppliers, and partners. Through the efficient management of all unstructured and semi-structured content, energy and utilities companies can improve business processes, mitigate risk, and adapt quickly to regulatory requirements. Read how we can address your challenges, and see some client use cases.

Solution Focus – Leveraging an Enterprise Metadata Repository

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Metadata holds the key to improving applications and business processes. Yet when metadata is created by individuals it can be highly questionable, with even the most basic task, such as search, hampered by a lack of consistent and accurate terminology. An enterprise metadata repository enables the mining of data, turning information into actionable knowledge, accessible on any device, at the point of need. Enterprise-wide policies can be automated, governance underpinned, authoritative research undertaken, and consistent, fact-based decision making taken. Our clients understand the value of leveraging a metadata environment. Read more to see how we can help you.

Client Use Case – Global Oil and Gas

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This multi-national oil and gas company needed to improve geological decision making, by identifying accurate, relevant, and related content from highly technical and specialized information. Achieving this objective represented millions of dollars in cost reduction. The solution included the implementation of conceptClassifier for SharePoint, providing the underlying semantic and geotagging framework to improve search in a SharePoint environment. More than 50 intersecting taxonomies were used to support over 5,000 global geophysicists. Using metadata generation and auto-classification to the taxonomies, the client was able to extract specific content from a large corpus of documents, for analysis and improved decision making.

CTO Comment

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“Our global energy clients face a broad range of risks, including economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal, and technological forces,” comments Michael Paye, our CTO. “Our technologies help these organizations to proactively manage risk on a daily basis. Unlike traditional tools, our solutions are rapidly deployed, easy-to-use, and really do deliver unique capabilities.”

Smart Content Discussions

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Our resident master blogger is looking forward to another year of blogging. Here are a few of this year’s blogs that really stood out:

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