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Spotlight on conceptClassifier for File Shares

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Do you know what’s in your file shares? Most organizations don’t. Redundant, outdated, or trivial (ROT) content and dark data are challenging. Without the appropriate tools, this is not an easy project and it never seems to end.

Along with our unique compound term processing, our adaptive concept extraction engine creates rules for the content inventory processes, to identify and take action on particular content types. conceptClassifier for File Shares injects metadata directly into the properties of documents held in file shares, without affecting the modified by or created dates. This is useful for managing information and records in place, and ensuring metadata travels with documents when migrating to another platform.

Support for real-time, file source monitoring is included, and for automatic, intelligent migration to SharePoint, SharePoint Online, OpenText Content Suite, OneDrive for Business, Box, Exchange, and other enterprise content management and cloud file storage systems.

Read more about conceptClassifier for File Shares, and watch the Demo on Demand.

Industry Watch – Whatever Your Industry, We’ve Got You Covered

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We do focus on specific industries – including Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Public Sector – but we offer a technology framework, rather than business-specific applications. Our solutions are platform-agnostic, and available in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments. Our technology is essentially generic, deployed once and reused, to address a wide range of content management challenges with unstructured data. Our clients place high value on their content assets, have rigorous compliance requirements, and successfully manage process and risk.

Solution Focus – Compliance and Governance

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Rather than being a burden, compliance ensures your organization is protected from fines, litigation, and monetary repercussions. Implementing a governance strategy achieves a single version of the truth, and gives much needed insight by providing you with the ability to expose and extract value from content assets. It also reveals areas of risk that can be prioritized and resolved, or at least mitigated.

Our flexible technologies offer the only solutions that generate contextual meaning in the form of semantic, multi-term metadata from within content. Not limited by digital barriers, the technologies effectively enable the identification, classification, and management of content, regardless of format or where it resides.

Designed for subject-matter experts, these intuitive and highly interactive management tools simplify the complex, and deliver unprecedented insight into content, providing organizations with the ability to identify and manage risk, ensure compliance, and maximize the value of knowledge assets.

This is a broad topic, so read about our approach to compliance and governance  and GDPR, understand how we analyze data and files with our content optimization solution, see how we enhance eDiscovery, and learn how we improve records management and achieve intelligent migration. We hope you find it interesting.

Client Case Study – Healthcare Organization

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One of our clients is a healthcare group, and planned to move from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online. The successful project included the initial cleansing of the corpus of content, migration, real-time identification and protection of data privacy and sensitive information, HIPAA compliance, auto-classification to an industry standard taxonomy, improved search and knowledge management, and finally tools and technologies to easily manage unstructured content going forward.

It selected Concept Searching as we provided the only solution that was able to address all its requirements and did so with a reusable technology framework. The conceptClassifier platform, conceptClassifier for SharePoint Online, and conceptTaxonomyWorkflow were used before and after the migration process, beginning with the cleansing of unstructured data. During the content optimization process, unprotected privacy and sensitive information was identified, moved to a secure repository, prevented from download, and disposition determined by appropriate staff. Read the full healthcare case study.

CTO Comment

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“Proactive management of information assets is now a necessity. With the changing legal landscape of protection of privacy information, and the increasing risk of data breaches and external intrusions, clients are making information governance a priority,” said Michael Paye, our CTO. “Because we offer a technology framework, we can address many, if not most, of these emerging challenges. This eliminates the need to purchase stand-alone solutions to address issues separately, and the ensuing costs of integration, training, and deployment. That in itself is a huge benefit.”

Smart Content Discussions

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Stay in touch, through our blogs. We welcome comments on our take on the news about all things IT. Check out our blogs that discuss compliance and information governance. Tell us what you think.


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Need to migrate? Are you having trouble finding what you are looking for, despite the bells and whistles of your search engine? Is security of privacy and sensitive information becoming a priority? What’s hidden in your emails? Register for our Metadata-Driven Cleanup of Files, Content, and Email webinar, on May 2, to learn about the benefits of content optimization.

Do you find answers by trial and error? Do you stumble across information, or find it when it is too late to make good use of it? Register for our webinar on Discovery, Risk, and Insight in a Metadata Driven World, on June 13. Join us and technology partner, Netwrix, for a detailed view of risk mitigation for data security, compliance, and operational intelligence

Check out all the upcoming webinars in our Metadata-Driven World 2018 Series.

Access all our webinar recordings and presentation slides at any time, from our website, in the Recorded Webinars area, via the Resources tab.


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Meet Graham Simms, our Director of Delivery and Consulting Services, when he discusses why you need Intelligent Metadata in Records Management, at ARMA Metro Maryland, May 9, and also at Tidewater ARMA Spring Seminar, May 15.

Our team will be at SharePoint Conference North America, May 21-23, in Las Vegas. Visit us at booth 511 to discover our latest technology developments, and see how metadata, auto-classification, and taxonomies can help your business.

Join Robert Piddocke, our VP of Business and Channel Development, as he presents at ARMA Canada Conference, May 28-30, in Vancouver. Hear about Drowning in Data and Starving for Information, May 29, and Achieving Digital Transformation through Metadata Management, May 30.

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