Over Time or Over Budget – Take Your Pick for Your Next Migration Project

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Migration Projects

Over Time or Over Budget – Take Your Pick for Your Next Migration Project

Migration projects don’t get the attention they deserve. At the end of the day, they cost money.

If the project goes over time or over budget, that translates into real money, not to mention the impact on end users. According to Bloor Research, only 16 percent of projects succeed. Of the remainder:

  • 3 percent go over budget, but are delivered on time
  • 46 percent go over time, but not over budget
  • 51 percent go over both time and budget

90 percent of migration projects do not include data profiling. How can you migrate content, if you have no idea what you are migrating? As hand coding is used in most migrations, another human element is introduced, which results in a higher chance of error.

Data profiling is of utmost importance in a migration project. Since 90 percent don’t include data profiling, how do you know what the content is and how much garbage are you migrating? Migration should be proactive, not reactive.

Join us for our ‘Why Most Migration Projects Fail – Don’t Be a Statistic’ webinar on Wednesday, June 14th. Most migration projects run over budget or, even worse, fail. This session explains the potential problems and how to address them. It explores intelligent migration, which achieves an infrastructure where relevant content is protected, archived, or deleted during the migration process.