Migration is an Opportunity

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Migration and Content Lifecycle Management

Migration is an Opportunity

Migration is often seen to be a bit of a pain. I don’t think anyone would disagree with me. But it is also an opportunity.

In most organizations, content is mess. Manual tagging is still the preferred method of identifying documents. Not very reliable at all.

Migration is the perfect opportunity to clean up your content. Identifying unused content, content of no value, duplicates, and don’t forget redundant, outdated, trivial (ROT).

Records that were never declared can be found, and be archived or deleted. Potential security exposures can be identified and secured. There are many benefits that can be achieved by using a tool. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the improvement in search after the migration.

To accomplish this, structuring of content must take place. We use a taxonomy for structure, breaking content into granular, semantically rich chunks through our unique compound term processing technology.

The end result is not only a successful migration, but also turns unmanaged assets into managed assets. What could be better?

Would you focus on migration and content lifecycle management or just migration?

Join me to understand how to make the most of this opportunity on our ‘Why Most Migration Projects Fail – Don’t Be a Statistic’ webinar recording. Most migration projects run over budget or, even worse, fail. This session explains the potential problems and how to address them.

Our webinars also address the topics explored in our blogs. Access all our webinar recordings and presentation slides at any time, from our website, in the Recorded Webinars area, via the Resources tab.

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