Migrating to the Web – Did You Think of This?

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Migrating to the Web – Did You Think of This?

Migrating to the web is becoming a necessity. No longer is content only on-premises. In fact, migrating content to the web is often a key component. What kind of challenges can you run into?

  • Content needs to be rewritten for the web, because it is not up to a certain standard or has been copied directly from traditional media
  • Content needs to be reorganized to fit a new information architecture
  • Content is old or irrelevant and hasn’t been touched in five years or more
  • Most of the content is no longer performing and is not attracting many visitors
  • There hasn’t been a recent content quality analysis, based on usage and conversion
  • Project managers underestimate the effort required to manually convert and enter content
  • Content is not fully separated from presentations, making it difficult to automate
  • Metadata about content needs to be regenerated, because classifications or other systems have changed – retagging content turns into a major pain point
  • Persistency of URLs can become a problem after automated content migration – URLs can change and follow a different pattern, turning defining and implementing redirect systems into an entirely new project that is difficult to handle

Of course, all of these points need to be addressed before the migration.

Did your migration project just get longer? If so, are you addressing these points?

Join us for our ‘Why Most Migration Projects Fail – Don’t Be a Statistic’ webinar on Wednesday, June 14th. Most migration projects run over budget or, even worse, fail. This session explains the potential problems and how to address them. It explores intelligent migration, which achieves an infrastructure where relevant content is protected, archived, or deleted during the migration process.