Microsoft on a buying spree – LiveLoop added to the Microsoft cast of players

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Microsoft on a buying spree – LiveLoop added to the Microsoft cast of players

Microsoft recently acquired LiveLoop. Live Loop is a Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in that brings truly real time cloud-based collaboration to PowerPoint’s 750 million users, enabling teams to collaborate effectively without leaving the familiar Microsoft Office ecosystem. “Instead of emailing dozens of versions of a presentation back and forth, with filenames like Marketing_v133_Final_v2_ReallyFinal, LiveLoop’s users work on a single version of their presentation, seeing each other’s changes as they type.”  It is anticipated that LiveLoop has bigger fish to fry and will eventually work with documents of all types, not just PowerPoint.

I am a heavy duty PowerPoint user. From my work perspective, I really don’t want others watching me in real-time create PowerPoint slides, nor do I want to watch them creating slides for the same presentation. I think I would find it rather unsettling. Like, “oh no, where did they get that? I already did that slide later in the deck,” and you can imagine if you are like me what would be racing through your head.

I suppose for this to work effectively, you would have to perform pre-planning to ensure all participants are focused on their part of the presentation. I wonder too, how much of the message gets blurred or lost with participants expressing their own point of view. Writing will always be subjective.

I do see the advantage of eliminating multiple versions being emailed when one item has been changed. I also see the advantage for very large presentations to break it into sections, enabling all participants to work on their own section at the same time. I am very curious to see how well this will be accepted and used. I can see benefits, but to me let me keep doing it the way I have always done.

From a Microsoft game plan – according to the author Virginia Bakaitis, it’s likely that LiveLoop’s PowerPoint solution will be integrated into the Office 365 family much the same way Accompli was. As a result there will be no need to reach for non-Microsoft tools. Interesting scenario. Something for everyone – and it’s all Microsoft. Guess that’s a different article.

So what do you think?

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