Good Morning Orlando!

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Microsoft Ignite 2018 - Orlando Florida - Concept Searching

Good Morning Orlando!

I hope you are well rested and can’t wait to enter the Land of Oz – oops, I mean Microsoft Ignite. I’m not sure you will have time to go everywhere, but your brain will let you know if it starts to go into overdrive – information overload, so they say. If you can successfully maneuver around the venue areas, that is. Rumor has it that over 30,000 attendees and an additional 10,000 staff, vendors, and partners showed up in force last year.

We are exhibiting at Ignite, and some of our greatest minds will be attending, except me of course. Our techie gurus, chief technology officer, and president will be there. They will be keen to understand your ‘pain’ before they ‘sell’ you anything.

At the risk of sounding immodest, you may exclaim “Wow” a few times in the next few minutes, as I recount what Concept Searching can do. In a nutshell, we generate multi-term semantic metadata and auto-classify it to one or more taxonomies. No “Wow” yet? Didn’t think so.

We offer a technology framework that can eliminate your metadata problems. Do you know where all your privacy and sensitive information exists, is it protected? Does your solution work in real time? Is noncompliance becoming an issue for you? Why not rapidly deploy an enterprise process that will automatically identify instances of noncompliance and pretty much eliminate end user effort?

Spinning your wheels executing your garbage in/garbage out migration approach? Is your content lifecycle management pie in the sky because records are not declared correctly? Are your eDiscovery costs soaring? Is enterprise search still a continual source of frustration?

We can fix all that, and rather quickly too. Do I get a “Wow” now? We don’t rest on our laurels. Concept Searching was recently recognized as one of the 11 most significant file analytics vendors by a leading independent research firm. You’ll understand why when you see our software.

We look forward to seeing you at Booth 212. We aren’t giving away a car, but we are giving away a $400 Amazon Gift Card to a lucky attendee. Maybe a car next year, but then that’s all you will be looking at!

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