Microsoft's Sense of Humor?

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Microsoft's Sense of Humor?

I had overlooked an email from The Washington Post, and to get it out of my inbox I decided to read it. The article refers to an infographic that was published by Microsoft. Supposedly gone viral, if you haven’t seen it, I do find it disturbing, the author calls it ‘terrifying’. The infographic is a series of vignettes that illustrate how you can work 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, regardless of where you are. Vignettes include working from the bathroom, on vacation, in bed, watching TV, at your children’s events, out to dinner, I think you get the picture. I’m not sure if Microsoft thinks this is amusing, or they are serious?

The author, Christopher Ingraham, makes some good points on exhausted workers:
• They are more likely to cheat and steal
• They are less productive than their colleagues and don’t perform as well
• Performance and productivity does increase when workers take vacation and leave their jobs at work

In my heyday, and sometimes even now, I do put in extra hours. I have also learned that while you can work 24/7, I can guarantee at some point in your life you will ask yourself if it was worth it? After too many years to count, my answer would be no. What would yours be?

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