Metadata Matters – Intelligent Metadata Generation

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Intelligent Metadata

Metadata Matters – Intelligent Metadata Generation

Taxonomies and metadata have co-dependent relationships. The structures of taxonomies and of metadata contain reciprocal elements that work together to create the information architecture.

Taxonomies provide the visual organization and structure for organizing content, which metadata does not provide. At the same time, metadata provides more descriptive information about content, to improve the access to and use of that content. Intelligent metadata generation improves workflows and business applications that use metadata.

Intelligent metadata is metadata that you can trust to be accurate. How many of us could say that? Probably, not many. I can’t tell you how many organizations are spinning their wheels trying to improve search. Search engine optimization would be greatly improved if metadata were accurate and meaningful. It would make the job a bit easier, to say the least.

It’s important that organizations build a metadata infrastructure, to ensure that content and data are managed consistently and adhere to written policies across on-premises and cloud based environments.

Auto-classification tools eliminate misfiled documents, as all content is classified against one or more taxonomies. With the mix of cloud and on-premises environments, policies must be able to be enforced across both. If not, well, you then have a mess that is costly and time consuming.

But it all starts with intelligent metadata. Do you feel that your metadata makes the grade?

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