The Longitudinal Patient Record, or Customer Record, or Engineering Record – You Catch the Drift

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The Longitudinal Patient Record, or Customer Record, or Engineering Record – You Catch the Drift

The ‘longitudinal patient record’ is, basically, all patient data across all applications in a healthcare environment. It’s also been defined as all of the patient data across all applications across all healthcare environments. A subtle difference, but a big one.

Performing a search in healthcare is difficult – some would say it is impossible. But it’s a good example to use, as we are all patients at one time or another, and use different services. The same problem exists across many industries – just fill in the blanks to suit each one.

If you are lucky, there is search integration across all the applications that you have permission to access. The question is though, are all the applications available from a single screen? If yes, you are ready to go.

On the other hand, how does one go about finding all the information being sought from disconnected applications, if you’re not good to go? You might also be looking for documents, data, images, drawings, or even metadata.

Well first of all, you have to know where the data is stored. You need to have access to the data, and will probably need to sign on to an application to retrieve the information. Don’t bother trying to do analytics, I’d recommend just wrapping it up and going home. If it were me, I would probably do without the data.

But those of you with dogged determination will perform due diligence to find out what you need to know. You may remember that Microsoft didn’t add hybrid search capabilities until SharePoint 2013, which was not that far back in the past, and to this day some functionality for search resides in SharePoint online, and some on-premises.

Unfortunately, there is no magic in the solution, and it would have to be customized – please remember we are a software vendor, not a consultancy. However, there are pre-built connectors that can dramatically decrease the amount of customization required – our connectors, that is.

What does the end result look like? Check out our short recording ‘How to Implement Content Intelligence within Your Organization.’ It will give you lots of ideas.

Is your search customized? Can you access all your applications from a single interface? Can you perform analytics on the data retrieved?

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