What Exactly Are You Collaborating On? Is It Safe?

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What Exactly Are You Collaborating On? Is It Safe?

The average enterprise collaborates with 72 business partners via OneDrive and SharePoint Online, according to Skyhigh Networks. That’s quite a few.

Is collaboration safe? May sound like a stupid question, but this subject seems to be overlooked in the growing world of vendors and analyst reports.

Collaboration can bring many benefits, which I won’t go into as I don’t buy into all of them. But when you are sharing content, what you send and what you say matters.

What if within the content there is confidential company information that I don’t want shared. How would I know if I think the document is relevant? Read the whole thing? That’s ok for one document but if I have 72 business partners, the time starts adding up. I probably wouldn’t check it – and get in trouble. What if staff are texting confidential information? Same scenario, except it’s much easier to text.

Where is the problem? We have software that will move confidential documents to a safe place and prevent downloads, based on what is actually in the document. The same for texts. All in real time. That’s a good thing. That solves one problem.

The other problem is that tracking all communication can defeat the role of collaboration within a company, if someone has to check the input and output of all the collaboration tools. Enthusiasm for collaboration begins to pall.

We solve this problem in the same way, although it is also a human issue that needs to be addressed by the company. Should people be checking what is being sent? Yes, they should. It should just happen in a way that is acceptable to both employees and management.

Does your organization use collaboration tools? If so, which ones? Does anyone check what’s actually in a document before it is shared?

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