Intelligent Search Solution Manufactured for Semiconductor Leader

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Intelligent Search Solution Manufactured for Semiconductor Leader

This world-leading semiconductor manufacturer, headquartered in Germany, needed to enhance its on-premises Microsoft search environment. With over 30 million documents within SharePoint and file shares, the organization determined the ideal solution to be Concept Searching’s conceptCEWS.

Using this content enrichment web services component of the conceptClassifier platform, custom processing of documents occurs as they are indexed, and automatically generated metadata is classified, providing rich compound terms for the search engine index.

Using Concept Searching’s unique technology to add multi-term metadata to the organization’s existing documents enables the metadata to be utilized by its search refinement panel. This empowers the manufacturer to make better use of its internal research and documentation, leveraging intelligent search to improve future developments.

Intelligent search is a primary component in information governance and should be treated as a core infrastructure requirement, driven by executive management. When effective, intelligent search forms the basis of improved organizational performance, and touches discrete applications that together meet the tactical objectives of an overarching information governance strategy.

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