90 Percent of Your Content is Forlorn and Ignored – Be Tough and Get Rid of It

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90 Percent of Your Content is Forlorn and Ignored – Be Tough and Get Rid of It

Current predictions claim that 95 percent of your content is unstructured. Wow. Yet, it is probably the most mismanaged asset your organization owns. I can never figure that out.

Of that 95 percent, how much is garbage? Probably quite a bit. In fact, 90 percent of content is never accessed after creation. What are the repercussions? Takes up storage – but storage is cheap, right? Well, it impacts search too, and the world loves to complain about search, unless of course it’s Google. We have been trained well.

65 percent of documents are accessed only once, probably by the author for revisions. Another waste of storage and a detriment to search. If you decide to keep these, ahem, valuable pieces of content, eventually they will have to be migrated, with another piece of software, to secondary storage. This adds cost and complexity, not to mention time, in order to save useless content that no one uses.

Other problems are compliance, eDiscovery, security breaches, and records. Even though the content has no value, it may fall into one of these buckets. It may not be used, but it may come back to haunt you.

If you buy into the statistics, 69 percent of your content can, and should, be deleted for the reasons just mentioned. Your search engine will sing. People will smile, because they can be more productive. The frustration of searching through garbage retrieval will be eliminated. Just imagine, all the result of cleaned up content.

Do you perform due diligence and get rid of content garbage? Why or why not?

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