Insight Engines – Ya Gotta Love ‘Em

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Insight Engines

Insight Engines – Ya Gotta Love ‘Em

I’m not sure whether you have been informed but, according to Gartner, ‘enterprise search’ has now been renamed ‘insight engines’ – this follows the renaming of ECM and big content. The same old search vendors, just a new moniker. Gartner does seem to have a predilection for renaming technologies, doesn’t it?

What befuddles me is that yesterday an enterprise search vendor was exactly that, yet today it is an insight engine vendor. As one who is quick to pounce on any marketing twist, I will now apply the term ‘insight engine’ to our own technology. I bet the new name is about as clear as mud to all those who seek the holy grail of enterprise search, ahem, insight engines.

So what brought about this change? Not sure really. I think the rise of personal assistants is referred to. Now that’s a stretch. If I need a chicken recipe for dinner, I may call upon Alexa (not) but, regardless of that, she/he would probably do it admirably.

If I am trying to find little known facts about information governance to keep my next webinar audience awake, I may well be out of luck. See, that’s the problem. I read one example of how an insight engine could help you schedule a conference room – no, I am not kidding. What a waste of talent for IBM Watson.

I am somewhat miffed. We have the only solution that can augment search through generation and classification of multi-term metadata. We have always had the wherewithal to make any search engine an insight engine. Gartner rather stole my thunder. If you would like to, you can read about our insight engine here.

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