Information or Innovation?

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Information or Innovation?

I just started thinking about this topic so please feel free to comment. At a basic level, organizations must provide information – to staff, third parties, government, etc. So information is essentially a given that IT must provide, maintain, and hopefully improve. The business side is more concerned with innovation whether that is driving new improvements to existing applications, new applications themselves, or new ways to accomplish out-of-date business processes. And, typically they want it now. This puts an unfair burden on IT who is already overwhelmed with projects and often dependent on vendors who may or may not incorporate the requested functionality in the next release (and who knows how many months that will take to get delivered).

What happens to innovation? Is that a process of the merging of IT and Business groups? How can innovation be accomplished when the heavy lifting comes from IT and they are already trying to keep their heads above water? It’s give and take. You want this done, then a different project gets moved to the bottom of the list. I suppose innovation depends on the business and if innovation gains competitive advantages, increases revenues, decreases costs, etc. Although I would argue that most organizations could use a jolt of innovation.

Is innovation important? Who should be leading the innovation push? There are so many new technologies that could fill a gap in organizations. It’s just finding the right one that solves a specific challenge or improves a business process. What is the verdict? Information or innovation and how do you realistically get from here to there?

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