Improving Compliance and Security in the US Military

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Improving Compliance and Security in the US Military

Reducing Cost of Quality by Harvesting Lessons Learned:

This US military client collects mission-related information, after action requests and lessons learned.

It built a clearing house using SharePoint and the Concept Searching Technology Platform. Content was tagged and classified in real time, and aligned with known issues, products, regulations, and guidelines, enabling relevant information to be used to identify and address human factors and product obstacles in the supply chain.

This solution leveraged the full capabilities of the organization’s IT portfolio investment in SharePoint and Windows Rights Management Services, to enable compliance with federal records management, data transparency, privacy, and security guidelines.

The cost of quality was reduced, by harvesting best practices and sharing past process improvement projects. With all content tagged and classified, information from all areas is now aligned.

This ensures intelligent content in context is available, to facilitate decision making and lessons learned, to create continual improvement.

Concept Searching