If I Migrate to the Cloud, I’ll Have a Data Breach – Really!

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If I Migrate to the Cloud, I’ll Have a Data Breach – Really!

I had to chuckle the other day. Most people don’t like migrations because of their reputation for being over budget and behind schedule. Not so any more. It now seems that some executive-level staff no longer want to migrate data to the cloud because they fear it could cause a security breach. That’s a new one on me. I suppose in a twisted way it is absurd but kind of makes sense, if you have a good imagination.

If I am reading this correctly, and forget for a moment that most organizations have not yet straightened out General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), then noncompliance and information governance are becoming too risky to overlook, eDiscovery costs continue to soar, and digital transformation is something these folks have never heard of. What is to become of these monoliths? Lock down the on-premises fortress, keep close tabs on all stakeholders, and don’t let information flow in and out? And just wait for the business world to pass them by, I guess.

Before you start having nightmares about migration, try performing two steps – generate an inventory assessment and clean up your content. You’ll be amazed at how migration can be simplified.

Using our technology, this exercise also has quite a few other benefits, as the insight engine can seek and identify privacy and sensitive information exposures and perform remediation, fix compliance exceptions, and find records not declared or declared erroneously, as well as the run-of-the-mill garbage your users have been saving ‘just because they may need it.’ A client of ours found one document that was duplicated 65,000 times – yes, the same document. They called us as they couldn’t figure out why the server was so slow. Hmmn.

Oh, and a bit of advice. Do not keep everything ‘just to be on the safe side.’ This will end up having the opposite effect and escalate your organizational risk by leaps and bounds. Would you like to include your content managers to help separate the wheat from the chaff? Do so at your own peril even though they can be helpful.

Now that we’ve taken care of that issue, I would say migrate to the cloud with vigor. Let us show you how our technology works – contact us for a customized demo.

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