I’d rather order a pair of shoes on Amazon – SharePoint 2013 Content Recommendations

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I’d rather order a pair of shoes on Amazon – SharePoint 2013 Content Recommendations

In our recent post  we talked about the SharePoint 2013 Content Recommendations functionality. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon yet. I think the functionality to point ‘visitors’ to potentially relevant content, or people who viewed this content also viewed this content is actually great. For Amazon and others, it’s a standard feature as it would be for any organization that sells product, but for some us plain old business users I’ll pass.

I guess why I am so hesitant is how valid is this functionality in the ‘business’ world? Maybe it’s not meant to be used in the business world. What I am finding somewhat surprising is the new Microsoft strategy to overwhelming ‘push’ content control to end users, then use the content by end users as a benchmark to aid other end users. As an end user myself, I am not belittling us as incompetent, but I find it odd that the single biggest problem in managing unstructured content, finding relevant content, data breaches, and in records management is due to mistakes by the end user. It appears that we are drastically swinging the other way, where the end user is to now unknowingly assume even more control of content that will influence search outcomes, in social media, as well as to create it, tag it accurately, consistently, and non-subjectively (including records and privacy information).

So with the ‘Content Recommendations’ my meandering and searching on the portal finding documents that are typically irrelevant can be tracked and offered to my colleagues as something they want to read based on my poor search terms since I have probably opened the same document, or a version of the same document twenty times trying to find what I am looking for?

For us business end users no wonder we are overworked, unproductive, and make mistakes! I’d rather order a pair of shoes on Amazon. Much easier.

What am I missing?

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