I thought we were over this? Information Governance is NOT that hard to understand.

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I thought we were over this? Information Governance is NOT that hard to understand.

Many of my colleagues send me information that I would be interested in, which is great. I just happened to read a blog, by Gordy Hoke, who jotted down his notes from attending LegalTech, sponsored by ALM Events, Mr. Hoke made some very interesting comments on Information Governance (IG) that he gleened from the exhibitors.

Although humorous, I found it very surprising that vendors in the legal arena still don’t understand IG. According to Mr. Hoke, who attended the New York City LegalTech Feb. 3-6, “Information Governance (IG) could be seen as an incidental tag line or a rising star. I say “incidental tag line” because many exhibitors added IG to their signage in a list of bulleted items. It was as if they wanted to be sure not to exclude someone because they didn’t have a requisite buzz word. ..kind of like Burger King adding a vegetarian patty to their menu so a single herbivore in a group would not 86 the idea of going to Whopperland.”

He continued, “When questioned, many booth personnel had no idea how to define IG. Some equated it with data management, others called it eDiscovery/predictive coding, still others said it was defensible disposition, and a final group said The Dead Man in Yossarian’s Tent could answer my question, if I would just return later. This was disappointing and dismaying, but it speaks to the noted (if misunderstood) significance of IG. (To be fair, a couple vendors were on board with real IG, but they stood out as exceptions that prove the rule.).”

I’m not sure if this confusion is due to the term being relatively new, but for goodness sakes, the exhibitors could have at least taken a peek at Wikipedia. As far as I am concerned, IG may be difficult and challenging to implement, but it really isn’t that hard to understand.

Even though we are a software vendor, it does rock my boat when vendors are unable to discuss or substantiate the claims that they make. I was kind of surprised that this was so prevalent.


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