Hybrid Search is Great? Right

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Hybrid Search

Hybrid Search is Great? Right

Responses to one of the questions included in Concept Searching’s fourth SharePoint and Office 365 State of the Market made me ponder. In retrospect, I wondered if perhaps I should have worded the question differently.

When respondents were asked if their organization would be using hybrid search, 40% said it was ‘a nice-to-have’, and 26% replied that they ‘won’t be using it’. Ok. That is legitimate. And to be fair, 38% did say it was ‘important’. Maybe for the rest there is no need, they aren’t using SharePoint Online, or it’s just not a priority.

Two of the highest priorities flagged by the survey results were improving search and collaboration. I had presumed that hybrid search would be ranked higher than a ‘nice-to-have’ by close to half of the respondents. How can this be?

Compared to the somewhat understated announcement of SharePoint 2016, hybrid search at least received some hoopla. I consider it a ‘must-have’ when you are using both SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online.

Hybrid search is a great addition, but only if you already have an effective search tool. There are so many variables that the impact of hybrid search can be detrimental. For example, those organizations that have saved each piece of digitized content that ever existed, will find that all that content will, by default, now be returned by the search engine index, without careful weeding of irrelevant, old or redundant information.

We recommend taking a couple of steps to get the most out of hybrid search. Content optimization cleanses the corpus of content based on organizational inputs, and removes duplicates and near duplicates. And, if you choose, it retires content that needs to be archived but not deleted, identifies security and data privacy vulnerabilities within content, and automatically identifies and processes records. It cleanses the corpus and automatically generates complex, multi-term metadata, which is fed to the search index, so gives you improved productivity and better decision making.

conceptClassifier for Hybrid Search auto-classifies content from both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises, as well as from external sites. The ability to access diverse repositories provides you with a single search screen that returns highly specific information, or suggests relevant topics via the taxonomy structure.

Are you going to use hybrid search? If not, why not?

Concept Searching