Insider Versus Outsider – Where Is the Real Threat? How One Company Solved its Data Breach Problem

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Solving Data Breach Problems

Insider Versus Outsider – Where Is the Real Threat? How One Company Solved its Data Breach Problem

Human activity can be risky. IT administrators may get bogged down with trivial items, become complacent, and adopt an ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ attitude. Processes designed at management level sometimes don’t trickle down to operational level or can get lost in translation.

The security landscape is changing. The cost of a data breach is now a fact of organizational life. It is the accompanying disruption and long-term impact on sales, stock prices, customer retention, and brand image that are the real costs. Verizon states that 77 percent of data breaches are caused internally. And, according to Intel, 50 percent of breaches are perpetrated intentionally – something that was brought to the fore recently with the Tesla data breach.

We help our clients resolve their data breach issues. For example, this client, with over 24,000 employees scattered across the globe, found that country privacy mandates were spiraling out of control and compliance was becoming haphazard. End users could not be depended upon to accurately tag content that needed protection. And third-party access to sensitive and confidential information was an unsettling unknown.

Our solution enabled the organization to effectively protect its personal and sensitive information. Vulnerabilities are now identified in real time, protected from portability, and immediate notification sent to appropriate personnel for disposition.

Sounds simple? Simple to deploy, simple to manage, simple to use. The technology is powerful. You can find details in the Eliminating One Source of Data Breaches case study.

If you would like to tackle your metadata problems, we still remain unique in the industry with our ability to generate multi-term metadata. Need a third-party opinion? Read about how we were recently identified as a strong performer and a provider that matters, in the latest file analytics report by a leading independent research firm.

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