Hammer the Yammer

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Hammer the Yammer

Hammer the YammerA week or so ago, I received an email from a Microsoft Yammer group that I belong to. The gist of the email offered prizes to individuals who used Yammer correctly. Basic usability, in other words, just don’t post to all, etc. I am curious to see what the result were and if the message sunk in. This was also a technical group, so one would have assumed that they could readily understand the nuances of the software to use it correctly. Obviously not.

Enterprise social is slowly gaining momentum, or at least is getting a push forward in many organizations. A productivity benefit, for sure, but hard to quantify. Microsoft has invested quite a bit of money, resources, and time after the acquisition of the software. Even so, since it is essentially being given away, it is still struggling in acceptance and adoption. Part of the problem, not just with Yammer, but many enterprise social tools, is workers just don’t want to use them. They prefer email, and their tidy applications all neatly accessible in a familiar way.

We have two sides of the coin here. The question then, is the acceptance of Yammer due to culture problem, or due to a lack of training and understanding of the benefits the software provides? Your call.

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