Getting From Here to There

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Getting From Here to There

Concept Searching over the years has built a significant client base with UK Councils. I was wondering the other day, why we are so successful? One of the factors that is increasingly coming to the forefront is the topic of Migration. With migration it is more than just migrating what you have to a new repository. According to IDC less than 50% of content is correctly indexed, meta-tagged, or efficiently searchable. In addition 85% of relevant documents are never retrieved during search. Why would you want to migrate these?

Migration isn’t an easy task. You need to look for documents of record that may not have been declared, as well as for privacy data to prevent a potential data breach. At a more basic level, you need to remove exact duplicates (the easy part) and then the near duplicates (the hard part) and for this you need an intelligent classification process. A key benefit to all these organizations is the easy-to-use and rapidly deployed taxonomy component in our technologies. From this, clients build a taxonomy for migration and a workflow for approval of what is a near duplicate and what is a similar but separate document. The same technology can then be your records management monitor to ensure records are declared, which is critically important in the Public Sector as well as the proactive identification of privacy data. Search is improved for a wide variety of internal and external constituents. Our Smart Content Framework™ encompasses most of the challenges facing all Public Sector entities. The technology provides the capabilities, and the framework provides the strategy to achieve strategic organizational objective. Sounds like the Smart Content Framework™ is delivering value again!

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