Get in the Fast Lane Grandma the Bingo Game is ready to Roll!

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Get in the Fast Lane Grandma the Bingo Game is ready to Roll!

I just read a snippet of marketing for a new report from Forrester entitled, ‘Building Data Stewardship Is A New Customer Intelligence Imperative’ (fee required unless you are a Forrester client). It’s a subject that is near and dear to our hearts. Forrester recommends a data steward. The data steward’s raison d’étre is to keep track of data collection, governance, and privacy, which would include global imperatives (obviously if the company is global). I perceive that as not only a tremendous task but also high risk position, especially with the potential of failure.

The first hurdle is related to the tracking and implementation of governance, compliance, and privacy laws. According to the report there were ‘more than 150 pieces of privacy legislation pending in the US Congress as well as more than 90 other policies from international governing bodies’. Even if you do business only in your country there are still compliance and mandates that fall under different jurisdictions such as state, county, etc. I see this as the first hurdle to keep up with changes (all changes) and start them through the implementation process.

The second hurdle is the actual implementation of the compliance mandates throughout the organization, and potentially in a short time frame. I’m not sure how flexible and agile organizations are to incorporate these changes. I know in the US you typically have a window of time to implement but for the organization, implementation can touch many different functional areas including legal, finance, etc. all the way down to the end user.

Taking on the role of a data steward sure doesn’t seem like a stress free job. Not that all our jobs are stress free, but this one seems particularly so. I am curious if your organization has a data steward? What is their role? If you know, what is their background. Or am I all wet and it’s as easy as matching the numbers in a bingo game?

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