General Release of Content Optimization, Validation, and Reporting Toolkit – More Value Added to the Digital Workplace

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General Release of Content Optimization, Validation, and Reporting Toolkit – More Value Added to the Digital Workplace

Concept Searching’s Content Optimization, Validation, and Reporting Toolkit is now available. The toolkit comprises components and services, which are configured and customized to meet individual client requirements, thereby delivering significant value.

The toolkit is available on an a la carte basis, enabling clients to purchase only the components they need. Easily configured and deployed, one or more of the features of the toolkit can be used to improve the classification process, and reduce the time it takes to develop an automatic metadata environment.

Providing reporting capabilities makes it possible to identify problems and gaps in automatic classification, delivering better quality results. A significant advantage the toolkit delivers is the reduction of taxonomy maintenance and improved business outcomes, in areas such as search, compliance, eDiscovery, collaboration, knowledge management, research, text analytics, and records management.

The toolkit includes duplicate detection capabilities, including exact and near duplicates. Although the taxonomy functionality includes the suggestion of clues to populate the taxonomy, the clue generation feature is useful for organizations with pre-tagged reference material or to identify exemplar documents. Performance is improved by the capability to automatically compare auto-tagging content against a reference set for the entire taxonomy, and to identify exceptions where the auto-tagging system is not performing optimally.

The reporting features include taxonomy reporting that contains parameters of tagging coverage, tagging overview, and information on where automatic tags have been overwritten. While term reporting provides an audit trail and a matching document analysis report.

To provide the most trustworthy information to staff in the digital workplace, enterprise-wide and consistently, it’s no longer just about search. The toolkit delivers quantifiable ROI derives from the push or pull of intelligent content in context – making content visible, understandable, and actionable.

An overview and demo webcast is available, providing in-depth information and a demonstration of the toolkit.

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