GDPR – Changing the Way We Do Business?

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GDPR – Changing the Way We Do Business?

The impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – an opportunity or a threat? It seems that some organizations are seizing the opportunity it presents, according to a report from Veritas Technologies, provider of cloud-management offerings. The company commissioned independent technology market research firm, Vanson Bourne, to survey 900 business decision makers worldwide online in 2017, and found that nearly three in four respondents plan to incentivize employees to improve data hygiene and take accountability for data compliance.

Some organizations are taking this very seriously. How far are they going? The report said 88 percent of the organizations plan to drive employee GDPR behavioral changes through training, rewards, penalties, and contracts. Almost half (47 percent) go so far as to add mandatory GDPR policy adherences into employment agreements. Yikes! Nearly half (41 percent) of respondents also plan to implement employee disciplinary procedures, if GDPR policies are violated. One quarter of the organizations (25 percent) would consider withholding benefits—including bonuses—from employees found to be noncompliant. Yikes again!

Some of this is good news. End users are the largest source of data breaches. In protecting privacy and sensitive information, these companies are also well positioned to eliminate internal breaches. But unintentional exposures are still going to happen. Our technologies can help you along. Through the automatic generation of semantic metadata, and the ability to index any repository in search of privacy or organizationally-defined sensitive information, from any repository, you can catch unidentified vulnerabilities based on what is found in the content. You also have an audit trail of infractions – so please don’t punish your employees.

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