Forrester Recognizes Concept Searching Data Classification Solution

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Forrester Recognizes Concept Searching Data Classification Solution

Concept Searching has been identified by leading research and advisory firm, Forrester, in the diverse data classification vendor landscape, to give security leaders guidance as they create a shortlist of solutions and an approach to data classification.

The report ‘Select the Right Tool to Advance Your Classification Initiative’ looks at how data classification helps to define data, so the technology solutions and people employed can best understand how to handle sensitive information.

Concept Searching’s intelligent metadata enabled solutions help identify and successfully manage all content types, to achieve security, compliance, and governance enterprise wide. With automatic multi-term metadata generation and powerful taxonomy tools the positive impact on business is quickly realized.

The core technology underpinning Concept Searching’s auto-classification capability is unique in the industry. Auto-classification clues are built by automatically generating multi-word concepts from a client’s own content, enabling proactive identification of any privacy or confidential information that an organization defines.

Concept Searching