Federal Compliance Achieved for Global Government Contracts Portal

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Federal Compliance Achieved for Global Government Contracts Portal

The US federal subsidiary of the world’s largest semiconductor company has chosen Concept Searching’s conceptClassifier platform, together with conceptClassifier for SharePointconceptClassifier for Exchange, and conceptTaxonomyWorkflow, to underpin its new government contracts portal. 

Doing business with the federal government is complex, and a critical part of the process is compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). The Concept Searching’s solution will streamline processes for this organization, reduce manual tagging, and ensure compliance.

The conceptClassifier platform classifies all new content as its created, uploaded to SharePoint, or received via email. Each piece of content will be automatically tagged and classified to a specific contract, in accordance with FAR regulations, for retention and disposition, then moved to the respective contract folder within SharePoint.

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