Do you want to find people or experts? SharePoint 2013 People Search

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Do you want to find people or experts? SharePoint 2013 People Search

One of the things I like about our technology is flexibility. Don’t mean to blow our own horn, but the technologies do lend themselves to solving a variety of challenges – usually figured out by our clients. A new one that Microsoft is blowing their own horn about is people search in SharePoint 2013.

Now, don’t get me wrong, people search is a nice feature. What our technology can add is the ability to leverage existing knowledge and link the information to the experience of Subject Matter Experts which, in turn, enables the organization to derive value from human information capital.

The flexibility of the technology can be used to build a knowledge base of expertise within the organization. Providing the ability to aggregate information regarding an individual’s experience from disparate data stores and return the results based on any number of parameters such as projects worked on, resume, work performed, work products produced, corporate profile, biography, and even documents that were authored that contain the search criteria entered by the end user. Since we have the ability to generate semantic metadata (concepts) the people search is elevated to the level of expert identification as the information retrieved is much more granular and relevant.

We have a professional services client doing it in SharePoint 2010. Works quite well as a matter of fact.

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