It’s Gonna Take a Miracle – Yes, it’s Gonna Take a Miracle

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It’s Gonna Take a Miracle – Yes, it’s Gonna Take a Miracle

I realize that not everyone is tech-savvy. I do not consider myself tech-savvy anymore. I know just enough to be dangerous. Unsurprisingly, it seems I am not alone.

I haven’t picked on government for a while, so I will do so now. It appears that Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet and legendary Google CEO, finds Google technology a miracle. But don’t get your hopes up. As far as Mr. Schmidt is concerned, it’s still at the miracle stage and is not yet a reality.

Mr. Schmidt also chairs the Defense Innovation Advisory Board, a panel of technology giants that includes Jeff Bezos and Neil deGrasse Tyson. At a recent board meeting, Mr. Schmidt discussed the creation of a data delivery and storing system that sounds uncannily Google-esque.

Mr. Schmidt introduces ‘data fusion’ as the technology of the future. Again, don’t get your hopes up. Data fusion is actually what search is supposed to be – retrieving all relevant and accurate information, regardless of where it is stored, and presenting that information to the searcher, based on their security level.

Now, we can all agree that search is a bit lacking, but data fusion is nothing new. Well, it is to Mr. Schmidt. It’s really just effective search, or search that works.

According to Mr. Schmidt, “There’s no place in the military where the data is centrally aggregated and a lot of organizations either hide the data, don’t know they have the data, lose the data or don’t care about the data.” He continues, “The problem is that the signals aren’t available and they aren’t minable. So data fusion is a great strategy, but you have no way of implementing it. The reason we wanted to bring this side up and then work through the bureaucracy, or whatever else you call it, is that without some kind of data repository, set of data repositories, you are not going to be able to achieve that vision. It’s a clear bug in the strategy.”

I can’t speak for all the government. I know we have many DoD clients using our search for top secret research, as well as for such mundane items as enterprise search and identification of security breaches.

I am someone who is continually highlighting the drawbacks of most search engines. However, I would like to bring Mr. Schmidt up to speed. As little as I know, it seems that technology has started to pass Mr. Schmidt by. This does not bode well for radical changes any time soon – since we are still at the miracle stage.

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