Radical Search – Let the Scoffers Be Amazed

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Radical Search – Let the Scoffers Be Amazed

After 20 years in this business, there is not much that gets me excited. Sort of a ‘been there, done that’ attitude. Of course, this is from someone who doesn’t know how to fully use their cell phone – seriously. So I am not totally clued in on all that is new and amazing, nor does it seem to tickle my fancy.

I never try to be a vendor. I hope my blogs are of interest, even if you aren’t using our software, but naturally, I think you should be. Anyway, we have a webinar coming up that explores what we call ‘amazing’ search. And it really is.

Didn’t know our software was capable of it? Steve Smith, Principal Consultant, implemented the solution for a very large client, and the results were outstanding.

Although originally developed for engineers, this solution is a for any industry or business area. If you have search requirements that aren’t being met and your search just isn’t good enough, it’s for you. Simply put, it’s applicable to every organization that uses search.

This enterprise search solution integrates not only structured but also unstructured and semi-structured content, as well as diverse applications and images from many and varied repositories, displaying it in a unified search interface, with previewers and navigational aids.

This delivers an unprecedented view of all content, with supported file formats that include:

  • File shares
  • Collaboration platforms
  • Internal and external websites
  • Custom databases
  • PLM, CAD, and SCM applications
  • 2D and 3D images and drawings
  • Third party and custom applications

All this is done using Office 365. Yup, pretty amazing. We invite you to attend the webinar. We are certain you will be glad you did.

Our webinars also address the topics explored in our blogs. Access all our webinar recordings and presentation slides at any time, from our website, in the Recorded Webinars area, via the Resources tab.

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