eMail Management -Has it's time come again?

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eMail Management -Has it's time come again?

What do you do to protect confidential information in emails? eMail management years ago was the buzz word and managing email became a higher priority on the corporate agenda. Organizations began setting time limits for keeping emails or they chose to ignore the accumulation of emails and required the end user to clean up their own mailbox. Then they began using security and encryption technologies to keep data safe.

According to a recent MeriTalk research study, the federal government has concerns that encryption is part of the problem. Nearly 4.9 million people have access to classified U.S. government information, and nearly all of them have access to email. In addition, the federal government sends and receives 47.3 million emails per day. According to the study, despite the security measures standard work emails are the number one way that unauthorized data leaves their agency.

Granted, security of information in any government entity is of critical importance. But we see more and more that the contents of an email are admissible in court and one email can result in millions of dollars in legal expenses in many different industries.

Since email breaches aren’t constantly in the news, the government is doing at least something right. But if you are dealing with 47.3 million emails per day I would suspect the chances are relatively high that an email breach could inadvertently have tremendous repercussions.

I am interested in knowing how your organization identifies and protects an email that contains unauthorized information?

The complimentary research study can be downloaded here.

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