Electronic Records Day – Let’s Just Celebrate Every Day!

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Electronic Records Day

Electronic Records Day – Let’s Just Celebrate Every Day!

It’s Electronic Records Day today, I think, but there are just too many days and months dedicated to records management.

National Records and Information Management Month is celebrated each year in April. How we got to Electronic Records Day in October leaves me pondering. The month of April is dedicated to promoting good record keeping and information management, and to emphasize the importance of having organized records. In other words, a month to clean up your messes.

Some public sector organizations actually close for one day in April, and are not open to the public so their records managers can spend a whole day getting organized. And yet, another occasion that boggles my mind is Global Information Governance Day, which occurs on the third Thursday in February. The purpose of this particular day is to raise awareness of information governance, a practice that goes hand in hand with records management. Did you know it is considered an international holiday? I am clueless. One college has a Confidential Disposition Shred Day in October. I am not kidding.

All right, so let’s get to the heart of the matter. It seems that October 10th is Electronic Records Day. If you are a records manager, please do not touch any records that are not available on a computer. I don’t know what will happen, but something bad surely will. Seriously, records management professionals have a tough road to travel. Often they don’t have the clout to manage records as they know they should be managed. Although that’s the same with any job.

Records management applications are certainly of significant help, but many records managers still face stiff executive opposition when it comes to archiving, deleting, and even storing records. Security issues abound. New government and industry mandates are being modified and need implementing. To me, it’s a never-ending challenge, and one for which I would not want responsibility.

Anyway, “Happy Electronic Records Day.” Thank you to all the hard working professionals who keep organizations compliant and secure, and govern our records.

What do you do to recognize Electronics Records Day? And how often do you actively review and organize your records?

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