Relevant Search – is it Possible?

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Effective Search

Relevant Search – is it Possible?

If you haven’t heard about the digital workplace, then you will. Its pillars are efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction. But when you strip away all the hype, you come down to basically one major component – effective search. Not your ordinary search, but search outcomes that are relevant and pertinent to the task at hand. It is a different way of looking at search. It’s not something that enterprise search typically achieves.

So what is effective search? An example is when a customer care representative takes a call from a client in a particular geography, requesting a product or service upgrade. Then relevant billing data, products, forms, policies, and regulatory information are all automatically retrieved, based on the client, geography, and process step being undertaken. This outcome resolves customer care issues quickly, increases productivity, and ultimately reduces costs.

A Concept Searching client providing 24/7 customer care to veterans with brain injuries replaced Google searches with Concept Searching technologies, which ensured quality of information and resolved questions more quickly and accurately than before. Search enhancement is a desirable outcome of the digital workplace.

Our clients are automating many of their specialized search and retrieval requirements, eliminating end users from the process:

A leading healthcare organization deployed an extranet for cancer patients, to enable them to retrieve relevant information specific to their conditions. The information changed depending on patients’ requirements, and was aggregated from both internal and external sources.

  • A military client used after action reports and lessons learned, enabling relevant information to be used to identify and address human factors and product obstacles in its supply chain.
  • And a global accounting firm used Concept Searching’s solutions to reduce time spent on reinventing work products and searching for expertise within the organization, so optimized its content.

Strip away the fluff from the digital workplace, and the basic requirement is for effective search. Do you think you have the ability to deliver information relevant to the task at hand using your current search engine? Let me know.

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