Discovery Partnership Yields 13 New Clients in First 30 Days

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Discovery Partnership Yields 13 New Clients in First 30 Days

The value of the recent Concept Searching and Netwrix partnership, to enhance secure data classification and discovery, is already being realized.  

Delivering 13 new clients from diverse industries in the first 30 days, this collaboration now benefits global organizations, such as ship builders, community colleges, book stores, legal firms, banks, asset management enterprises, and manufacturing companies. 

Concept Searching’s expertise in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management combines with Netwrix’s experience in supporting a wide range of regulatory compliance requirements and detecting intruder and insider threats in hybrid and cloud environments. 

Register for the ‘Discovery, Risk, and Insight in a Metadata-Driven World’ webinar, on Wednesday, June 13, with both Concept Searching and Netwrix, to understand how to achieve an advanced security solution with increased insight into sensitive data and improved risk mitigation, for data security, compliance, and operational intelligence. 

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