The Digital Dark Age – Are You Ready?

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The Digital Dark Age – Are You Ready?

The impending digital dark age could soon be upon us. Are you ready? Is your business ready? I cannot even pretend to have the mind of Vint Cerf, a father of the Internet and Google VP, to suggest that technology is moving so fast that in the future no one will be able to access personal or business information, as it will have become obsolete – or unreadable.

Mr. Cerf’s solution to the ‘digital dark age’ of the 21st century is what he calls ‘digital vellum’. He says, “The solution is to take an X-ray snapshot of the content and the application and the operating system together, with a description of the machine that it runs on, and preserve that for long periods of time. And that digital snapshot will recreate the past in the future.” Source: Google’s Vint Cerf Warns of ‘Digital Dark Age’, BBC News, Pallab Ghosh, February 13th, 2016.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, none of us will be around. So, interesting topic but who cares? Well, every organization should care. And care now. The looming problem is in the form of documents and records that are ten years old or more.

Most are not findable, readable, or usable, when it comes to relying on them as fact in litigation, or protecting an organization in non-compliance with any type of government mandate. From the business side, lack of access opens the door to substantial fines, loss of reputation, and the cost of remediation to solve the problem.

From the C-level perspective, the problem exists now. Are you taking appropriate measures to safeguard records you may have needed for the past few years? If you are doing what most organizations do, then probably not.

We can’t fix 22nd century problems, but we can fix 21st century problems. In today’s world, metadata, which is often not understood by business folks, is a key business driver to uniquely identify documents so they may be found when needed.

Our conceptClassifier platforms and Concept Searching Technology Platform include the ability to automatically identify records, privacy information, and intellectual assets. They fully automate these processes transparently, without user involvement, and handle as standard the appropriate disposition of the content.

This includes discovering where the content resides, cleansing the content through organizationally defined concepts and descriptors, identifying the relationships within the content, and then applying the policies for automatic enforcement and routing to the appropriate repository.

Every day you read about organizations that were unprepared for what was around the corner. Don’t be one of them. Do you think the digital dark age is upon us?

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