Digital Waste and Dumpster Diving – Driving Down the Costs

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Digital Waste and Dumpster Diving – Driving Down the Costs

Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Time: 11:30am-12:15pm EDT

  • A recurring problem we hear about is dumpster diving – where salvaging waste that was discarded by organizations proves of value to hackers. Ultimately, dumpster diving can derail organizations’ objectives.

    Addressing the dilemma of how to identify dark data and dispose of redundant, outdated, or trivial (ROT) information from unmanaged or poorly managed file shares and siloed repositories, can be costly. From not only maintaining unneeded servers, but also the risks of data breaches, hacker activity, and acting on erroneous information for decision making.

    When users need to find information, digital content of no value will often be included in the search results. Digital waste can contain unprotected privacy or sensitive information, compliance violations, undeclared records, duplicates, and the usual assortment of content that just has no value. And, on a good day, it gets migrated or archived, and maybe deleted sometime in the future. Most of the time it is ignored.

    This webinar explores the business ramifications of unmanaged and potentially toxic data, and provides a solution to cleanse repositories, with easy-to-use tools for ongoing management.

    See a live demo of the process for generating an inventory of file shares, based on a variety of different variables. And leave with a clear understanding of the why, what, and how of cleansing content to obtain business advantages.

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